5 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face While Starting Their Business


Entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges. New and emerging entrepreneurs have to run the gauntlet of risks and perils in order to achieve success. From starting the business to establishing it and surviving in the market, entrepreneurs are always under the pump. But, once the challenges are overcome, it is an awesome experience and every day at work feels like living your dream. Let’s discuss five of the most tricky challenges that entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them.

1. Withdrawing from your job

You have got your dream job after years of gritty determination and endeavor. You are earning a steady income and you have complete job security. But now, you are thinking of opening a startup. A new business of your own. You may think, you can continue your job and simultaneously nurture your startup until it grows but, it will not grow. Not until you give all your time and effort into it. And for that, you’ll need to discontinue your job. Here, you can be stuck in a serious dilemma. Whether you should continue your job or leave it for something completely new and risky? This is a big challenge that many entrepreneurs face and listening to the heart always works out in overcoming it.

2. Being the ‘man with a plan’

As an entrepreneur, your startup is your vision. Your aim and your dream are what fuels your business. And when difficult times come, you should be the one to come up with plans to get yourself and your team out. You are the brains of your business. If its innovation, it should come from you, if it’s a tough decision, it should come from you, if it’s a plan, it should come from you. This can keep you in a challenging space all the time. Thinking creatively can help in tackling this challenge.

3. Unpredictability and volatility

How much are you going to make? How much salary you should give to your employees? How much you need to invest in building your workspace? Everything is unpredictable and unknown. Everything is volatile and can change rapidly. Keeping up with development and trends can help to overcome this challenge.

4. Loneliness

As an entrepreneur, you need to work for long hours and help your business grow.
This will keep you away from home for long hours and you won’t see you, family and friends, as often as you like. Also, being in an authoritative position can make your employees drive away from you. It can get really very lonely at times. Being in a clear headspace and spending time with your close ones whenever possible can help with this challenge.

5. Setting up the norms

Not everyone likes to be a boss. Most entrepreneurs come from a service background and don’t know their way through being a boss. You need to enforce some strict rules and regulations on your employees to ensure the proper growth of your business. This can be very difficult and times may come when your employees won’t listen to you. Being persistent and giving valuable incentive to your employees can help ease this challenge.

There are many more challenges that may come your way throughout your journey as an entrepreneur. But, tackling these five major challenges will help you be prepared for the incessant challenges to come.

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