Customer Success Story: Avis Van Rental


Avis Van Rental –

“My whole vision has always been to stand out and just keep growing. NetPages has helped me into that. It’s the only advertising we do. It has worked. To us, it’s an encyclopedia for our business as well as our brand.

Truly speaking, NetPages has actually worked as a great internet marketing tool for me. There are several reasons underlying this statement, which aptly justifies my remark. Firstly, the amount of my clients instantly increased many fold times, after updating my contact details on NetPages. I started getting almost two to three times the responses, which I used to get previously. At the same time, it enabled me to increase my leads and getting known to a huge class of audiences. People’s awareness about my site increased the way it happens through internet marketing. Thus, overall, I can say that registering my details with NetPages has definitely worked wonders for me. ”

– Lance Smith, Sales & Marketing, Avis Rental, Pretoria
Avis Van Rental

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